Eyewear Options for Cross Country Skiers and Biathletes - Evaluation of Casco Nordic Shield and Nord

Published: 04th February 2011
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The biathlon world has become looking for eyewear that is both at ease, light, and useful for competition. Cross country skiers of all levels are challenged with using classic sunglasses in snowy and severe cold circumstances. Sunglasses fog up simply under cold situations, making visibility tough for all skiers. Snow on sunglasses also usually leads to fogging, icing, and diminished vision.

Innovation from the German producer Casco as appeared to solved all these troubles in nordic eyewear. Casco is production two eyewear merchandise - the Casco Nordic Shield and Nordic Spirit which have had an awesome reception within the xc skiing globe. These two eyewear products are a mix of sunglass and goggle. The eyewear makes use of a comfortable headband, allowing the lens to sit above the nose rather than on the nose. This allows for air circulation between the lens and face. This, in blend with their patented fog-proof technology, prevents fogging from the lens. This can be specially crucial for competitive skiers. The headband comes in black and white. Ladies seem to be preferring the white about the black. Each merchandise can be found in two dimensions - small/medium, and medium/large. The lens know-how that Casco makes use of originated with the military. This technologies was created for us as windshields for Apache helicopters. Offering chemical resistant lenses, the lenses will resist wax elimination, and waxes from damaging the lenses. They are also h2o repellent. Therefore in snowy circumstances, the snow is wicked off the lens, keeping visibility superior. Several characteristics that biathletes appreciate consist of their affect resistant lenses and the ski goggles' capacity to swivel up to ensure the eyewear will not should be taken out whilst shooting. No other merchandise offers biathletes this time saving option.

The variation involving the Casco Nordic Spirit and the Casco Nordic Shield, is the Nordic Spirit has photochromic lens know-how. The lenses change their darkness in changing light. The Nordic Spirit also arrives with two lenses, though with unique request the 2nd lens could be obtained for the Nordic Shield. The two items supply anti-reflection mirror within the lens. All lenses are scratch resistant and are optically superior to sunglasses or other similar products. They present sharper photographs simply because of their decrease refractive index.

Feedback and feedback from xc skiers who use the Casco products appear to concentrate a few key features. All enjoy that these ski goggles are extremely light-weight. They are greater than 15 percent lighter than other items that skiers use. Most adore the lens doesn't sit on their nose, but instead is suspended in front in the encounter because of the headband. This helps make it extremely comfortable to put on, specially on extended skis. Casco's distinctive potential to swivel the lenses upward can also be a big hit. Not having to get rid of the eyewear although shooting, or simply talking with an individual can be a really special and optimistic attribute. The anti-fog know-how and the dual lenses also tends to make this product extremely popular. We carry each these item, however they are difficult to keep in stock! For the Casco Nordic Spirit and Shield go to http://xcskistore.com.

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